One-pieces are clothing items that serve as both tops and bottoms and on occasion, hairstyles as well. Wearing a one-piece takes up both the top and bottom (and hairstyle) slots on the appearance screen, meaning that you cannot wear an item from one of these categories whilst still wearing a one-piece. Most one-pieces are obtained as prizes through winning dance battles, however some are available to purchase from shops.

Below is a list of available one-piece items.

Part Number Name
001 GRY Coat
002 BLU Coat
003 RED Coat
004 WHT Coat
005 Flower 1-Piece
006 Maid's Uniform
007 Mini Yukata
008 Gang Outfit
009 Ballet Dress
010 Hooded 1-Piece
011 Favorite Jersey
012 Fishing Outfit
013 YEL Trk Suit
014 Bear Costume
015 Summer 1-Piece
016 Yukata
017 Captain's Uni.
018 Bear Cub Cost.

Trivia Edit

  • Indigo Town is the only area not to have a one-piece item.
  • The Bear Costume and Bear Cub Cost. are the one-pieces which occupy the hairstyles space as well as the tops and bottoms spaces.