-"Are you feeling it?!"

Gaby is the protagonist of Kira Kira Pop Princess. She is the sole playable character in the game and, as a result, can be personalized to fit the player. This includes changing the character name, face, hair and clothing. The name Gaby is the default name given to the character in the English version of the game and used in associated media.

Gaby is put in charge of the club Angela at the start of the game, with the goal of exploring Rainbow city and learning different styles of music and dance to improve her skills and become as great as her mentor, Anna, who left her in charge of Angela to begin with. Throughout the game Gaby competes with her rival Elvira. These competitions are presented as boss-style dance battles at various stages during the course of the game.


Although controlled by the player, Gaby has a distinct personality displayed in the dialogue portions of the game. She is characterized as being well-intentioned, but also rather clueless. She is quick to trust and see the best in people which, whilst allowing her to form fast friendships, also allows her to be easily taken advantage of, as seen when Monique takes advantage of Gaby's simple nature to insult her.


Gaby's initial appearance when starting the game and the design used in promotional material, is of a young woman with large blue eyes and blonde hair in a short, pixie cut. She wears large headphones, a blue and white top with the letters 'PST' (which stand for Pinky Street), grey shorts with a pink belt and hip bag and knee-high boots in the same colours as her top. She also appears to wear some kind of blue choker. The colours of all these items, including hair colour can be altered using the colour options in the appearance menu in game.

After completing the game for the first time, a blue bracelet with a white bead will appear on Gaby's wrist when the player wears the original outfit. This represents the bracelets that Anna gives to Gaby and Elvira at the end of the game. The bracelet also appears in promotional images of Gaby's character.

Gaby's facial features can be changed after the completion of the game, however the original features which the character started with keep the name 'Gaby' on the appearance menu, regardless of what the player names the character.

All aspects of the character can be personalized by the player, so it is not necessary for them to resemble Gaby's official appearance at all when actually playing the game.

Default appearance
Item Type Part Number Name Colour
Features 000 Gaby N/A
Hairstyles 000 First Short 1
Tops 000 First Top 1
Bottoms 000 First S-Shorts 1